My name is Nur Farahain Binti Supian. Alhamdulillah, I was accepted to be one of the UiTM family. Today I would like to talk about my first week in UiTM.

When first time I step in UiTM, I felt like a dream come true. On the first day, new students were asked to made registration in Kolej Mawar. After the registration, I was too excited to go to my hostel. Few hours later, our family were asked to leave the Kolej and left the students alone. That moment was the sad moment. This is because I had to live without my family again for second time.

After my parent left, we was told that the Minggu Mesra Siswa was started. Our first activity was get to know our Pembantu Minggu Mesra Siswa. All of them were very friendly. I never felt uncomfortable when I mix around with them. The Minggu Mesra Siawa was held in Dewan HEP.

On the next day, we were asked to register as UiTM student. This was the day that very confusing and chaos day for me. This is because these was the first time I manage things all by myself. Before this, all the official things my parents helped me to do it. I had never done these before just because my parents did not allow me to do it.

The problem comes when I did not had my parents birth certificate, all my documents not been approved yet and I did not had enough picture. To fulfil my documents before going to register as UiTM students, I was asked to go here and there. It was very tiring. When I remember that moment again, it was an interesting experience in my life. From that moment, I told my parents that next time all the official things I want to do by myself. I want to learn how to be an independent person.

On the third day, my registration as UiTM student was successful. Alhamdulillah.
On the next day, I got a fever and headache. So, I could not joint any activity on that day. I just rest in my hostel. I told my roommate that I could joint the activity. They asked me to rest and they promise me that they will tell me if there any information. I did not tell about this to my parents. I did not want them to worry about me.

On the fifth day, alhamdulillah, my fever was recover. This was the most exciting day in Minggu Mesra Siswa. This is because almost whole day we were provided many interesting activities. It was so fun. After that, we were provided a movie to watch. The movie's title was "1957 - Hati Malaya". I never watch that movie before. I heard that many people said, that movie was very boring movie. After I watch it, I knew that those who said it was a boring movie was the people who do not feel any patriotism spirit. For me that movie was very interesting movie.

On the next day, we were asked to go to our Faculty. It was a little bit tired because it was a little bit long journey. Then, we were divided to our course. These were the first moment I met all my classmate. They were very friendly.

On the seventh day until the ninth day, we were asked to attend a talk at Dewa Sri Budiman. At fist, the bus was provided to us. After that, we had to walk by our own feet to go to the Dewan Sri Buduman. It was very tired. I took at least 40 minutes to reach there from Kolej Mawar. Honestly, some of the speech was very boring. Sometimes I fell asleep. But most of the speech was very interesting. The talk was about politics and patriotism.

No matter how hard, tired, chaos, confusing, boring and many more I felt. For me, Minggu Mesra Siswa is the most exciting moment in my whole life.